Vegas has gone to the gamers,not the gamblers

Las Vegas has always been known as a gamblers paradise. Forget that, soon this city might become a gamers paradise.

The IPL5 (IGN Pro League) is back at the Cosmopolitan this weekend. This league brings the finest players of StarCraft II, League of Legends and ShootMania Storm together to finally find out who is the best in the world. There are team and individual contests going on throughout the day and night. The winners will divvy up $300,000 . Not bad for playing video games. Man if I knew then what I know now I’d be…..David Ting, Tournament Founder, GM of eSports for IGN Entertainment.

I caught up with the smartest man around, and he let me in on the secrets behind what might be the fastest growing sport in the world.

You should also check out the IPL website. You’ll see a number of neat things, including the ability to watch all the action LIVE. Here’s the link…

You should do your best to get down to the Cosmopolitan to check out StarCraft II, League of Legends and ShootMania Storm LIVE! I’m not a huge gamer, but there’s something about the action that is just so exciting. It may be time for me to start playing.

NASCAR Champions Week–driving fun home in Las Vegas

As if the FANFEST on Fremont Street wasn’t enough, NASCAR Champions Week took a left turn Thursday and hit the Strip for more fun.

But before they could get in their cars and get things revved up, the top 12 drivers sat down with the media and answered every question once…or twice…ok, 50 times.

These guys lapped up the questions, answering each one with a smile on their face. I chose to ask some hard-hitting questions.. about Vegas!

Finally the drivers gave the crowd what they wanted.

Check it out for yourself. The order is Keselowski to Earnhardt Jr. (1-12)

Oh no the fun wasn’t over yet. An hour later the drivers took part in “After The Lap,” an event that lets them put down their guard and have some fun with each other.

It started with the NASCAR points leader Keselowski getting his much deserved honors.

Last year, fans got to see Jeff Gordon breakdancing. This year, the highlight may have been Tony Stewart throwing down drinks.

After that, he got down and did push-ups. What a sight!

This is truly the signature event for fans of NASCAR. To have all the top drivers on stage at one time, answering questions and poking fun at each other.. it’s laugh out loud fun.

And nothing is held back. Listen to a question about the weirdest place a person has had a driver autograph. (Sorry about my camera work.. some lady was trying to ride up my back all night).

Personally, I thought Thursday’s events were even better than last year. But I hope next year, Kyle and/or Kurt Busch come back & take part in the fun. The fans go nuts for those Vegas boys! (I know it all is determined on the track, but I wish there was an exemption for hometown heroes).

Thanks NASCAR for putting on a fun week all throughout Vegas! Can’t wait til next year.

Wranglers fans are treated like Kings

Last season the Las Vegas Wranglers played for the Kelly Cup. The LA Kings played, and won the Stanley Cup. Both of those winning organizations collided Thursday night at Orleans Arena. Well, sort of.

The Wranglers played a game, which they won 6-5 over the San Francisco Bulls. Eric Lampe’s goal early into overtime won it for the Wranglers.

The Kings fans also won because they were able to pose for pictures with the Stanley Cup. With no season to date due to a lockout, tonight gave the Kings and hockey fans in general a chance to ogle the toughest trophy to win in professional sports.

Here’s a few pictures for ya,

If you care, I also talked with a number of Kings fans. You can catch their reaction about the lockout and the Cup win by going to

NASCAR Champions Week is FAN-tastic

I think we can all agree, NASCAR is the most fan-friendly sport in the world. They love their fans, and for the 2nd year in a row I found that the fans love their down home boys just as much.

NASCAR Champions Week once again began on Fremont Street with the FANFEST. It’s a place where fans can get close to the guys they normally only see though their flat screen. The drivers mingle with the people, play some games, and get to let their hair down and have some fun.

Every driver has his fans. Some love Tony Stewart, some Dale Jr., while others swear by Jeff Gordon and points champion Brad Keselowski. Every where I looked, there were people talking about their favorite drivers.

Two people in particular stood out for me today. Donna and Robert Anderson are as enthusiastic and friendly as you’d expect…being NASCAR fans and all. They live in town, and wait all year to get close to their driving heros.

The day wouldn’t be complete without a Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt sighting. Ok, these obviously weren’t the real guys. But fake Richard Petty was happy that the NASCAR stars are here in Las Vegas.

Just a perfect day to be a NASCAR fan.

Thursday promises to be a fun-filled day. First off, NASCAR drivers will parade their rides down the strip in a Victory Lap, followed by the burnout, which is awesome! following that is NASCAR Champions week signature event, ‘After The Lap”, which showcases the top drivers in a non-stop riotous back-and-forth Q&A.

The Las Vegas Wranglers–a team that plays together & grows mustaches together

Looking at the ECHL’s Pacific Division standings, things just don’t look right. They do however, look great if I turn them upside down. Hard to believe, but the Wranglers are at the bottom of the division, 12 points back of the Ontario Reign. Coming off their finals appearance last season, expectations were, and are high for this team, fair or not. However if there is one thing I’ve learned from watching sports, is that the season is a marathon, not a sprint (my last cliche, I promise). With about 60-games left, the Wranglers can, and will recover. I won’t predict a title, but I will guarantee they will be in the hunt–a sentiment echoed by Wranglers Captain Mike Madill.

I know many people snicker at this, but what I think the teams needs is what you already do.. cheer your ass off. If you haven’t been to a game this season, go to their website @ and get your tickets today.

If you happen to catch one of the Wranglers remaining two November games, make sure you check out the mustaches the team is sporting. You may or may not be aware of it, but Mo-vember is mustache month. Wrangler players and management are wearing mustaches to support men’s health issues. This is a picture of the guys pre-stache.

This is a recent picture of Captain Mike Madill, whose mustache came in easily (helps to be half-Italian).

Madill is happy to get the word out about issues men should be cognizant of.

After a 2 game set in Idaho over Thanksgiving, the Wranglers begin a 3-game set home set next Thursday against the San Francisco Bulls and the Orlando Solar Bears.

If you’re looking for some easy money, bet on UNLV basketball

I love this time of the year. College football is in crunch time, and college basketball is in its infancy. Have you seen or read about the UNLV Rebels? They are one of the top teams in the country ranked at #18. They’ve only played 2 games, but they won by an average of 23.5 points. This has the makings of a strong season for our hometown guys, who if they keep winning will be compared to the great Rebel teams of the 90’s.

The Rebels roster is just loaded with talent. Las Vegas native Anthony Bennett is living up to his recruiting hype by leading the team in scoring, averaging 17 points a game. Another Las Vegas native Anthony Marshall 2nd on team, averaging just over 12 points a contest. And Rebel basketball wouldn’t be the same without all-everything Mike Moser, who is averaging a double-double–10.5 points and 10.5 rebounds a game. For those reasons, my money’s on the Rebels! If you want to get in on the action, you can do some online betting at Top Bet (click here).

Tickets are gonna be scarce so you better get on it now. Go to:

Color Me Rad.. or is it red.. or blue or orange..

Having recently run from zombies while leaping and crawling over a number of obstacles, it was a treat to just be bombarded with color today.

For those of you who don’t know, today was the Color Me Rad 5K event out at the Las Vegas Speedway. It was a day to run, or walk, through an array of colors. There was no pressure to break any speed records as no times were given out. It was just a day of fun–for everyone!

People of all ages, races and sizes were ready to run. One colorful gal I spoke with was Randi Sundquist. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Randi was recently named Miss Nevada and will represent the state in the Miss America pageant. Don’t be fooled by Randi, who is as athletic and competitive as anyone who ran today. She is also someone who cares about this area and the events that come through here.

For an event with easily close to 1000 people, everything ran like clock-work. The excitement built as my time to run approached. They got this party started by warming people up. And nothing gets a run/walk going like zumba.

They had three separate waves at 9:00, 9:30, & 10:00 am. Each wave was then separated into groups of about 80-100 people. I couldn’t wait to get going, and was finally rewarded by being drenched in blue color.

I turned the camera off after this because I knew it was gonna get wet and wild. And yes, that did happen.

After my heat ended, I caught up with a number of revelers and met Billy. Billy apparently runs like the wind. How do I know that? When I was waiting for my wave to take off, I turned around and saw Billy cross the finish line just behind one other guy. He may have been covered in color, but it was tough to wipe the smile off his face.

Taking a look at these pictures, I think it is obvious that everyone had fun.

That includes of group of Las Vegas’ finest. No, not cops. They were elementary school teachers, who took time off from running a classroom to running in Color Me Rad.

Then there’s Anthony, who not only talked about what he liked about C-M-R, but also showed off some his best dance….and boxing moves.

I don’t know how much fight was taken out of these runners, but nothing was taken out of Randi. She doesn’t run all that much, but after taking part in the Tough Mudder, she had no problem completing this 5K. She is happy that events like these come to the valley.

Did Color Me Rad bomb? No..well…yes.. paint bomb.