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The checkered flag goes to After the Lap

The top 12 drivers in NASCAR get together on stage and answer questions, tell stories, and make fun of each other for more than an hour.

I’m sure the guy who came up with that idea is now working at the local 7/11. Actually, it’s the best idea I have ever heard of a sport doing. That guy is probably a multi-millionaire now.

Could you picture Albert Pujols, Roy Halladay, Prince Fielder, Ryan Braun, Justin Verlander, Derek Jeter, Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Hamilton, Ryan Howard, Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp & ARod getting together to do the same? How about 12 of the NBA’s best, or NFL’s? NEVER HAPPEN!

NASCAR is first, and foremost about the fans. That’s the essence behind After the Lap, an interactive event that took place at The Joint, inside the Hard Rock Hotel. After the Lap, which was sponsored by Ford and Coca-Cola, no doubt quenched the thirst of all NASCAR fans in attendance.

Talking to Norris Scott, VP, Partnership Marketing, this event, only in it’s 3rd year, is going to get bigger. He believes that Las Vegas is perfect place for this event, not just for sponsors, but for all the fans that enjoy the sport of NASCAR. So take heed NASCAR fans, this event is not going anywhere, so make your plans for next year.

Read that first paragraph again, and you will know exactly what took place. It was funny, informative, and maybe the best thing other than the burnouts.

The drivers really let it all hang out.

Tony Stewart let it rip, saying he thought the Jersey Shore was named the Jersey whores. If it means anything, I thought the same when it first came out. He also said it took him awhile to realize that Snookie had a head.

Remember, this is and said and done in fun, and to entertain the crowd, which he and all the other drivers did. It was a hilarious night, and one that other sports ought to emulate.

a few video hilights:

1st: Jimmy Johnson tells a story about beer, Darius Rucker, and golf. Funny!

2nd: Kyle Busch talks about how great a wife he has

3rd: My favorite. Jeff Gordon break dances. He’s not bad either.

Finally, I tried to interview one of the Busch brothers, but was told that wasn’t possible. I just didn’t want any of you thinking I didn’t try to interview the two guys that make Las Vegas so proud.

Champions week was easily one of the best weeks in Vegas. Can’t wait ’till next year.

Vegas was cool, but Victory Lap was cooler

What was up with the weather? After so many beautiful days in Vegas, today topped out at about 55 degrees. The breeze didn’t help either. No matter, hundreds of people still turned out to watch Robin Leach introduce the top 12 NASCAR drivers, and then hung around to watch the drivers do some burnouts.

These cars are absolutely amazing up close. For all the people that love Kyle Busch, I decided to get some up close shots of his car. His machine is a work of art.

One of my favorite scenes of the day was watching a guy wipe down Carl Edwards car every time a rain drop hit the windshield. It was sprinkling a good portion of the afternoon, so he pretty much never stopped wiping it down. How many of us need a guy like him in our life.

Evidently Richard Petty couldn’t get a media pass so he was forced to watch with the rest of the fans. What is it with Vegas, and look-a-likes?

One more look-a-like. NASCAR announced Andy Lally as the Rookie of the Year. At first, I thought that actor Eric Bana was hanging out with the drivers, but I soon learned that it was Lally. I’ll let you decide for yourself.

The ladies that sang the National Anthem were from the recently cancelled Viva Elvis show. They were trying not to reenact that Marilyn Monroe scene where she holds her dress down as the winds blows it up. They obviously didn’t expect the wind to be as strong as it was. Sorry, no pictures.

The burnouts were the main event. Trying to find the best vantage point, I decided to get up on the bridge overlooking Harmon. I thought about trying the street view, but I thought looking down on the cars would be a better shot. It was, and it wasn’t. The shot was fine, but it would have been better if they would have removed the traffic light. I want you to ask yourself, when is the last time they shut down Las Vegas boulevard? That’s how big NASCAR has gotten.

I think Kurt Busch was the best of them all. Felt bad for Kyle Busch though, who had to push Ryan Newman’s broken down car, so he didn’t get to do a burnout on Harmon.

I did talk to an old time NASCAR fan, who loved today’s action, but was even more happy that the Tropicana upgraded his room to a suite, but kept the price at $59. He was very happy! People kept coming up and shaking his hand, while other took videos and snapped pictures. I asked each person to tell me who he was, but not one person had a clue. One guy told me he looked like a big wig, so he decided to click off a few shots. I was gonna ask him myself, but he was always in a conversation with 2 people at a time. I wonder if those Most people knew who he was?

Once again the real winners were the fans. To be that close, and get so much accessibility to the drivers, and their machines, is what NASCAR is all about.

Chalk one up for Victory Lap!

Fans love NASCAR Champions week…….and Kyle Busch

One thing I can say about NASCAR fans, they are the nicest fans in professional sports. NASCAR Champions Week kicked off down at Fremont street on Wednesday, and the crowd did everything possible to get an autograph & picture with their racing heros. In other sports, when people get that close to one another, there is always some idiot that inevitably wants to come to blows with someone else, for invading their space. Not here, everyone was as polite as can be. Just laughter and glad handing as Denny Hamlin, Jimmy Johnson, Kurt Busch, Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon & Dale Earnhardt Jr. made their way down the red carpet.

Just like in every sport, people like to gear up in their favorite drivers colors. Today was no exception. I pretty much saw all drivers represented. I tried to take a lot of pictures, but most were racing to catch a glimpse of the drivers. Here’s a few.

O’k, maybe that last one wasn’t dressed as a driver, but can you really ever go wrong with a TRANSFORMER in the crowd? BUMBLEBEE! I looked for Megan Fox, but surprisingly couldn’t find her. haha

Now I have never claimed to be a huge NASCAR guy. I know enough to hold a conversation, but nothing more. However, I caught up with a few people today, who live and breathe the sport.

I’ll start with Teri and Ken. These two LOVE Kyle Busch. Being Vegas residents, they couldn’t have picked a better guy, as Busch, along with his brother Kurt, grew up here.

I asked Teri why she likes Kyle Busch. She explained that she is originally from Ohio, and grew up around Indy cars and didn’t follow NASCAR at all. Watching NASCAR with her husband one day, she was asked to pick a driver to follow. Her words, “I’ll take the chocolate car”. As you can see by her jacket, she has grown to love chocolate, and the younger Busch brother. She thinks SO highly of him, that she gets upset when people boo him.

I asked Ken about the Busch Brothers, pointing out the Kurt finished higher in the NASCAR Sprint Cup standings than his younger brother. Ken made it clear that Kyle is the better driver, and the future will play that out.

That may or may not happen, but I am now a Kyle Busch fan. Or maybe I’m a Teri and Ken fan.

I also caught up with a fun group of, you guessed it, Kyle Busch fans. I didn’t do this on purpose, it just happened. Susan “Rowdy” Morledge is the leader of this group of people that actually met on FACEBOOK. They all hail from Vegas, and came down to support you know who. Susan has been in this town for the past 32 years, and watched young Kyle grow up, while her friend Paul Odekirk knows him through friends. One thing about NASCAR, it brings people, that might not have met each other otherwise, together. How can I not like Kyle Busch after meeting all these people.

The main event today was a NEWLYWED game starring the drivers. Bob Eubanks hosted the event with his usual wisecracks, and fun banter. The only problem was Brad Keselowski wasn’t alive, or was very young, when Eubanks hosted the show so I don’t think he understood his hassling.

Anyhow, it was a perfect day to kickoff off NASCAR Champions week. Things really get going tomorrow with the VICTORY LAP and the AFTER THE LAP. If you haven’t bought your ticket for AFTER THE LAP get on NASCARafterthelap.com. The tickets are just $20, and you are guaranteed to have a great time.

NASCAR Champions week moves ti the strip on Thursday.

Go to the Bank, win 20-thousand dollars. You can, at the Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

Cancel your Saturday plans right now! Why, you ask? Because you’re gonna be in a Las Vegas SCAVENGER hunt. You heard right, A LAS VEGAS SCAVENGER HUNT!

The Jewelers of Las Vegas Downtown Diamond Dash from SCVNGR on Vimeo.

I am not able to tape the future, so that video above is from a past Las Vegas Scavenger hunt.

Looks fun, right? Well, on December 3rd, you and your partner will answer riddles and complete challenges right from your cell phones as you both follow clues throughout the city. The winners split 20-large. 20-large is a great mafia term, and we are Vegas by god.

This event has fun and excitement written all over it. Not only do you, and you partner, get to compete for money, but you will no doubt make friends with the other 499 invited teams.

The best thing about this event, other than the money and the excitement, is that it is free. Once again, you read correct, IT IS FREE!

You will need a cell phone (IE: Iphone or Droid) as this is a mobile scavenger hunt. Please do not bring out the old “Saved by the Bell” cell phone.

Now for the particulars:

10am. That’s the time you need to be @ the Bank at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. The game officially begins at noon, but you HAVE to be there at 10.

This is not an all-day event so you can still enjoy all that Vegas has to offer, at night. The game officially starts at 12pm and ends by 2pm.

Oh, no no no, you’re not done yet. From 2:30 to 4:00 there will be an after party at the Bank at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. Time to reminisce, and shake the winners hands (mine).

I know what you’re thinking, “What if, by chance, I don’t finish first, are there any prizes for 2nd, or even 3rd place?

As a matter of fact there is. Finishing 2nd gets you a “Vegas 5-star Experience” with a 1 night stay in the High Roller Suite at The Bellagio Hotel.

While the 3rd Place Prize is a years supply of Downy Unstopables. That alone is worth…well..ahh..well…I don’t know, but it’s worth a lot.

I forgot to mention something. Comedian and actress Amy Sedaris will also be present at the event. You may have heard of Sedaris from her hilarious turns on “Strangers with Candy, Raising Hope”, and my favorite, “ELF”. I should also mention that Sedaris is also the voice of Jill in “Puss in Boots”.

Sign up right now, will ya? http://downyunstopableshunt.com/. Signing up should take you no more than 5 minutes. This event is open to locals, students, and tourists of any kind who are 21 and older. That means you! so what are you waiting for, sign up now!

Don’t forget, this Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt begins Saturday, December 3rd, from the Bank @ Bellagio Hotel & Casino at 10am. You probably already know this because you just signed up.


UNLV makes the Tar Heels cry UNCle

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Nearly a full house came out to watch the underrated UNLV Runnin’ Rebels take on the top rated North Carolina Tar Heels in the finals of the Continental Tire Las Vegas Invitational.

I would say I was a bit concerned when I watched USC play USC in the consolation game, and the crowd was small and quiet. Near the end of that game, more people started to show, and the energy picked up too.

Like Friday, the Orleans Arena was overflowing with Tar Heels fans, which travel far and wide to see their beloved team

On that note, I put a full court press (Oh yeah, I’m a baller–haha) on a couple Tar Heels fans, Tripp and Lauren. Tripp is originally from NC, but now makes his home in San Diego. However, his love for the team runs through many generations. Uncles and other relatives played for either NC State (Still hate them for upsetting my Alma Mater, Houston in the 80’s), or North Carolina.

I asked him about his all-time favorite Tar Heel. Being that the Tar Heels have no tradition, and no great former players to think of, I wondered what his response would be. He chose Ty Lawson. Lawson helped the team win the NCAA title back in 2009, so I completely understood.

I am glad he picked Lawson, because most would have picked that one guy.. Ole what’s his name… Oh yeah, this guy. There were a lot of these Jerseys floating around the Arena Saturday night.

Tripp’s wife Lauren was a North Carolina lover herself, although she wasn’t always that way. Being from Boston, she is a BC fan, (and dare I say, a Patriot fan). Anyhow, her husbands love of the Heels has dragged her over to that side. You can tell by their clothing that they love their team.

One thing about Tar Heel fans, is they are so polite. No trash talking, or fighting–shocking, I know. They just love their team, but when you win most every year, what’s not to like.

My goal was to get some live action shots of the two during the game, but with UNLV taking charge in the 2nd half, I figured I’d keep my distance.

Having never done it, and figuring I’d never do it again, I slapped hands with the players like I was long time heels fan. The weirdest thing though, Coach Roy Williams dissipated right before my eyes. For those of you thinking he can perform miracles, my camera sometimes has trouble capturing moving people.

With the game getting closer, the crowd became louder, and more pro UNLV, which made me happy.

My favorite person in the entire arena was the gal yelling behind me the entire game. Yes, her voice was piercing enough that it could, and probably does, break glass, but she truly loved Rebel guard Oscar Bellfield. Every time he had the ball, which was a lot, she was screaming in that high-pitched tone that I only thought dogs could hear. Looking back, I should have recorded her voice. Well, maybe not.

With over 2 minutes left, the game was in the bag, and all that was left was to storm the court. On TV it looks so easy, and fun. Fun, I’m sure it is, but easy is another deal. I was in the corner of the arena, so the only way I could jump on to the court was to make my way through one of Vegas’ finest. With a look of pure disgust on his face, I decided that I wouldn’t test my luck.

What a game though! If the country hadn’t heard of Mike Moser, they know him now. And Chace Stanbeck finished with a career high 28 points.

It’s only November, but UNLV shocked the college basketball world by upsetting the #1 team in the nation, North Carolina 90-80, and are now 6-0. Next up, a road game at Santa Barbara.

All in all, the Las Vegas invitational (sorry, the Continental Tire LVI) was a success. The fans that showed up for the early games were somewhat subdued, but the championship game was a party.

Way to go UNLV!

Las Vegas Invitational invites some impressive teams, including your UNLV Runnin’ Rebels

Who needs the NBA? Not me, not with some great college basketball being played right here in Las Vegas. UNLV, USC, and others, are all part of the 8 team tournament known as the Las Vegas invitational. This tournament is being played at the Orleans Arena.

The crowd wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, probably due to it being Thanksgiving weekend, but it was a loud when it needed to be.

UNLV, off to a 5-0 start, took on a USC team that recently scored 36 points against Cal Poly. The Rebels put up more than double that against the Mustang’s on Wednesday. If you just look at that stat, you’d think this game would’ve been an blowout for the Rebels. Nope.

The Rebels have a new coach in former player, Dave Rice. Rice wants to bring back the Runnin’ to Rebels basketball. Unfortunately, the refs didn’t want anyone runnin’, stoppin’ the game at every possible chance with a whistle. Some of the fouls were obvious, a lot were of the ticky-tack variety.

There were a group of fans near where I sat in the first half, that were none to happy with the referees, screaming their displeasure at every whistle. When they weren’t screaming, they were going hoarse cheering on their home town guys. Game was knotted at 31 at the half.

One thing that did catch my attention was those referees. I saw the couple on the court, but there were two others off the court.

Oops, sorry, those were the hard-working cocktail waitresses. Me personally, I thought they were prettier than the one’s on the court, and might have let the players play a little bit if they were on the hardwood calling the game.

Moving on, as I scanned the arena, I almost forgot what city I was in. If I didn’t know any better I would’ve thought I was in Chapel Hill. There were more Carolina jerseys than any others that I saw. North Carolina is the #1 team in the nation, and would play the late game, so I understood.

I stopped and asked an Orlean’s employee about that, and he said that the Tar heel fans are everywhere. He also said that many didn’t come to the early game, as the empty seats showed. I’m surprised, as there is not much going on in this town—ever! haha

On that note, where was everyone? Like I said, I understand the weekend, but the #1 team in the nation and the Rebels, playing in the same arena. I, and a number of people I spoke with, were surprised by the turnout. I suppose we could blame it on the economy.

I am big sports fan, but I also love the extra curricular stuff that happens, as well. At half-time, they had a fan of the Trojans and a fan of the Rebels take part in a free throw shooting contest for 100 bucks. Both struggled mightily, but the SC fan walked off with the cash.

Maybe they didn’t struggle that much, as most players have a tough time making a free shot. I would put 10/1 odds that SC fan gave that money right back to the casino.

Game picked up late in the 2nd half when UNLV pulled away. The referees swallowed their whistles long enough for the Rebels to get the crowd pumped with some nice jams. UNLV won 66-55, and now face that team from North Carolina in the championship game.

After the game, I caught up with legendary UNLV coach Jerry Tarkanian. I asked Tark (We’re buds now) what he thought of this year’s Rebel team. He said he is excited and really likes them. He is also happy that one of his former players, Rice, is coaching the team. Tarkanian may not move as fast as he used to, but he still looks great for 81 years old.

The Championship game between UNLV-North Carolina tips off tomorrow at 7:30pm at the Orleans arena.

Get your tickets at www.orleanscasino.com

You can also order your tickets at www.vegastickets.com

One final note. As I was walking through the stands, I could’ve sworn I saw Reggie Bush, formerly of the Trojans football team, most recently of the Miami Dolphins. He may not be allowed on the SC campus, but he can still go to their road basketball games, I guess.

Get your tickets to tomorrow’s title game, as I am sure there will be ton of celebrity types, to go along with some great basketball. Come on Rebels, pull off a shocker!

Go Rebels!