Your fired!! Well not yet, but here are the odds on who will go first

Baseball season is still in its infancy, but the odds are out on what manager will meet his demise first.

Who will be the first manager to be fired?
Charlie Manuel 4/1
Bud Black 9/2
Ron Gardenhire 5/1
Ron Roenicke 7/1
Joe Girardi 15/2
Eric Wedge 8/1
Ned Yost 9/1
Terry Collins 10/1
Clint Hurdle 10/1
Mike Scioscia 12/1
John Gibbons 20/1

Looking at that list, I’d put my money on Gibbons of the Blue Jays. That may have been the worst hire of the offseason. Here’s a guy who didn’t do much the first time through Canada, what makes anyone think he’ll do anything his 2nd time through. Yes, he has lost Jose Reyes, but that awful record so far is worse than anyone expected.

Mike Scioscia would also be a good bet, especially since most of his name players have either forgotten how to hit, or are playing down so they can get a change. Don’t think those Tony LaRussa rumors are fiction either. Albert Pujols already got Scioscia’s good pal Mickey Hatcher fired last year, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he’s angling for a bigger fish this year. the ony thing in Scioscia’s favor is his lonnnnnnnnnng term contract. If he does get fired, could he take Jerry DiPoto with him. Way to upgrade the pitching man.

For thise of you wondering where I got these odds they were sent to me from Bovada

You should check them out.They also have odd on perspective Pennant winners and World Series winners.

Bovada is a great place to get all your updated odds on all sports.

Captain oh Captain Madill is the right man for the Wranglers job

I was surprised to read that the Wranglers and Coach Ryan Mougenel parted ways a few days back. Here’s a guy that led the Wranglers to the Kelly Cup finals one year ago, and to the playoffs this year. To me it seemed like the guy deserved another year, or two. I am sure there were other wheels in motion as far as Mougenel was concerned, but him leaving still caught me, and quite a few Wranglers fans, off guard.

Madill Conference - IIA Photography

However, sports is about turning the page, and that’s what the Wranglers today when they introduced former Team Captain and defenseman Mike Madill to the replace Mougenel. No one has a book on Madill, but you won’t find a more passionate guy for the job. There will be the inevitable questions about his lack of coaching experience, but that is overrated, especially for a guy like Madill who knows the team and the town.

Madill Headshot - IIA Photography

Madill is a Vegas resident, and loves the town through and through. It doesn’t hurt that his wife is part of the entertainment scene either. What Madill lacks in experience, he’ll compensate with passion and leadership. The man ran the show off the ice, so all he replacing is his uniform for a suit and his skates for shoes.

I for one liked Mougenel, but I am am excited about the Madill era. I can’t wait the next chapter of Wranglers hockey to be written.

Teams To Bet On For The National League

Alongside the American one, the National League is one of the two which make up the NFL and – although the new NFL season is still months away from starting – the odds and betting on which teams will be in contention to win it. At this pre-season stage, the favourites with the majority of the sports betting sites are the San Francisco 49ers, who were defeated in last season’s Super Bowl by the Baltimore Ravens, with odds of either 7/2 or 4/ – depending on the site. The 49ers were largely outclassed by the Ravens in the Super Bowl, but they certainly have enough strength throughout the team to have a real shot at claiming the National League pennant.

However there are also several other teams considered to be in contention for it, with the Green Bay Packers also being given odds as low as 4/1 at many betting sites, while you can get 6/1 odds on the Seattle Seahawks. Of course many NFL betting fans prefer to avoid these favourites, instead opting for teams with slightly longer odds – and you can get 10/1 on the New Orleans Saints or 11/1 on the New York Giants for the National League.

Given how many teams are in with a realistic shot at the pennant, it can be wise to avoid betting until the season has progressed some way, in order to see how the sides are coping with expectations. Playing a game like the NFL themed slot machine offers a pretty good alternative way of getting a fix of NFL betting while you bide your time. This game, which is a five reel, twenty pay line slot, gives you reel icons in the shape of players, footballs and cheerleaders, a scatter symbol which guarantees a payout each time you get one, a wild symbol that fills in for any other to create a winning reel, and a bonus symbol that activates the great bonus game. This game requires you to pass the ball from one virtual player to another, as you attempt to score a touchdown – making it the perfect game to play while you wait to place your National League bet.

Vernon Fox tackles a new, but old endeavor

A few months back I introduced you to former NFL Defensive Back and Cimarron-Memorial High star Vernon Fox. At that time Fox was focusing his future on motivational speaking. He was doing quite well actually, when he was approached to do something he never considered, but has a plethora of experience in--I’m talking about coaching.

After discussing it with his family, Fox decided to take the job as head ball coach at Faith Lutheran High School. I couldn’t think of a better fit for a man who has dedicated himself to educating and motivating everyone with whom he comes in contact.

It’s odd to think that a local high school star, who played on the highest level wouldn’t consider coaching, but Fox never did. However, once he decided that Faith lutheran was the place to be, he jumped in head first. F-L doesn’t have the football history that say Bishop-Gorman does, but that will change soon. Fox has plans for the kids on and off the field. Yes, he will put them into position to win on the field, but it’s what he’ll do for them off the field is where the biggest difference will be made. Fox plans to instill in his charges the expectation of success in all walks of life. On a football field success is defined by tackles or touchdowns, but in life, points are earned in other arenas as well. As an educated man, Fox will teach his players how to win in both the classroom and on the field.

Don’t think for an instant that Fox won’t be demanding a competitive product on the field though. Taking the many lessons he learned from coaches throughout his life, Fox will be the best football teacher these kids have possible their entire life. When he played, Fox was a hard-nosed player who left it all on the field. His new team will do the same, I promise.

Vernon Fox: Motivator, Football Coach, Las Vegas Icon, but most of all a Winner. Faith Lutheran is gonna be all that much better with Fox as the head coach.

Rocky mountain Hi! Meet Miss Coors Light Rachel Rupert

For those who have yet to met NASCAR’s Miss Coors Light, Rachel Rupert, one thing you need to know is that she is a charmer. With a sweet drawl and an easy demeanor, Rachel is everything you’d expect this Southern Belle to be.

Rachel’s job isn’t what you think it is. She doesn’t sit around and play drinking games or booze up on the track, so get those thoughts out of your mind. What she does is every fan’s dream. She mingles with everyone associated with the track; from drivers to mechanics, to marketing execs and more. She then gets to do the thing she truly loves, which is spilling all the information she learns to the rabid NASCAR fans.

Rachel reiterated about ten times about how much she loves chatting up the fan base. No matter where she is or what she is doing, she always has time to sign an autograph or take a picture with anyone who asks.

Not bad for a gal who a little while ago was a hair stylist. While she teased many a tresses, it was the weekends spent watching NASCAR with her dad that truly tied her in knots. She used to tell her dad that one day she would be on the track. Maybe not as a driver, she wasn’t sure at the time. That dream became a reality once she found out about the NASCAR Miss Coors Light auditions, and the rest is history.

Of course, sometimes she comes home and Pops is upset about a race. Being a huge Junior fan, Rachel’s dad is not a happy camper when he doesn’t win. So to get him relaxed, she gives him insight into what happened on that specific day. A little down-on-the-track info always seems to placate him.

Looking at pictures, you can see that Rachel is a looker and she has been on the receiving end of many a marriage proposal. Here’s one story about that. One day at a WALMART signing event, a guy comes up and asks Rachel to be his wife. Thinking he was joking, Rachel accepted. The guy then ran into the store, bought a ring from a vending machine and got down on one knee. Not too many things make Rachel speechless, but this one did. After a lot of deliberation, Rachel eventually declined. It goes to show that NASCAR’s Miss Coors Light, Rachel Rupert is almost as popular as the guys on the track.

So how you can meet Rachel? She’ll be at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway all weekend, Friday through Sunday.

Here’s the schedule for the races:

Friday: Qualifying
Saturday: Nationwide race
Sunday: Spring Cup race

Now that you know she’ll be at the track, you can get down there to get a picture or an autograph. Watch out though, she’s a charmer.

Wranglers doing their part to Support St. Baldricks

Working in as many things as I do, I have been very close to the St. Baldricks foundation.

I know that Chicago White Sox have supported the organization for as long as I can remember. So I was ecstatic to hear that our Las Vegas Wranglers are doing the same.

Select players, coaches, and even fans shaved their heads in support of St. Baldricks, which is trying to eradicate childhood cancer.

Thank you Wranglers for supporting this worthwhile cause, and for also letting up enjoy the photos.

This is goalie Mitch O’Keefe playing barber to young fan, who also plays goalie and coincidentally named Mitch.

This is Wranglers center Judd Blackwater shaving the head of another child who raised enough money to shave on the ice with the team after the game

This is Forward Adam Houghesman

This next one is Wranglers left wing Robbie Smith (left) and head coach Ryan Mougenel waiting to get their heads shaved with their daughters in their laps

This is Sean Wiles.

And finally, one more of Robbie Smith.

Great job guys!!

Gordon Ramsay Grill/Pub–good times

If I hear free food and drink, I will show up just about anywhere. Come on, don’t criticize.. you know you feel the same way.

Today I had the opportunity to experience Chef Gordon Ramsay’s newest restaurant and pub in Caesars Palace. If you are looking for a fun place to hang, you have found your place. Everything you want is just a click away, as they have IPads with all their available drink and food items. It even goes into depth on said items. And from what I saw, there is nothing you can’t order.

The other caveat was we got to meet the Chef himself. And believe it or not, he is exactly the same as you’ve seen on TV. While he isn’t afraid to put anyone in their place, he’ll also charm your socks off. I kept my socks on, but did enjoy the many feet of food offered all of us in attendance. Here are some pictures so you can get an idea of what to expect when you make your way down to the Gordon Ramsay grill/pub at Caesars. I’ll start with the menu.

YUMMY!!! You can thank me later.