Put another fighter on the barbee. Dave Mazany is a knockout in Australia

Dave Mazany, AKA “The Pain Train” went down under, and overwhelmed his opponent.

Mazany, who trains right here in Las Vegas, used a vicious left hook to knock out Forest Godwin. Mazany retained his IKBF title belt

How do I know that? I checked out his FACEBOOK page http://www.facebook.com/dave.mazany

I talked to Dave a couple months ago, and let me tell you, he trains his ass off. He has the drive of ten men. I bet Godwin didn’t know what hit him.

I forgot to mention that the fight took place in Perth, Australia. This is Mazany’s 2nd trip Down Under in the past 6 months.

It’s now time for Las Vegas to recognize this up and coming local fighter, and get him a gig at the Orleans.

Congratulations Dave to you and your Wand Fight team

Jay Cutler & Alpha Helix: A winning combination

Jay Cutler. Think of the name, and it’s not the guy you football fans may think it is. The Jay Cutler I’m gonna tell you about is a huge Vegas celebrity.

The Vegas Jay Cutler is 4-time Mr. Olympia, and most recently named bodybuilder of the decade by Muscular Development.

I used to work out at Golds Gym on Lake Mead, and I saw Mr. Cutler many times. Let me tell you, he is massive. Always had a lot of people around him, but was always cordial and nice to the many people that wanted to be in his company.

That’s why I am not afraid to push his new line of sports performance products called Alpha Helix.

Alpha Helix’s initial line of performance products, focused on maximizing muscle development and workout potential, will hit store shelves nationwide in June.

Here’s what Robert “Mac” Gately, CEO of Alpha Helix, had to say about his product

Alpha Helix is going to redefine existing classifications in sports nutrition,” said Gately. “We are combining ingredients that have never before been used in supplements and changing the way the body metabolizes specific ingredients.”

Just so no one gets confused, I have not spoken with Cutler or Mr. Gately. I just figured that I would copy over his comments. Oh yes I did.

You can check out the article yourself at http://www.muscleandfitness.com/features/athletes-and-celebrities/alpha-helix-announces-big-news-jay-cutler

You know that another Vegas summer is right around the corner, so the time is now to get your body in shape. I would think that if Alpha Helix is good for Mr. Olympia, it’ll be good for you.

Check out the Alpha Helix FACEBOOK page http://www.facebook.com/alphahelixusa

Lingerie Football tryouts brings out Las Vegas’ best

Last year, being the Las Vegas Sin’s first year as part of the Lingerie Football league, the tryouts were sparse. Fortunately, the Sin discovered Yvette Tanner in that June

This year, I would say roughly 200 girls laid it on the line, hoping to score a touchdown for the Sin as tryouts took place at the Las Vegas Sports Park.

Being the hottest April day in Las Vegas recorded history, these girls ran, jumped and hit each other for over 2 hours in 99 degree heat. Yes, I would say they want it.

It was nice to see some of last year’s Sin girls on hand to lend support to the newbies.

Oh, they did more than that, obviously. They actually helped, and if you’re Quarterback Nikki Johnson, participated in the drills.

Just looking around, I felt it would be tough to cut any of these ladies. Listening to LFL Commissioner and tryout pooba Mitch Mortaza prod, cuss, and verbally try to motivate all the players, it won’t be too hard for him.

One of the Sin hopefuls is Las Vegas native Kayla Strehlow.

This 19 years old, who has a baby at home, found out very quickly that watching the Sin, and playing with them is two very different animals. However, she showed quite a bit of athletic skill.

Kayla didn’t know if she make the team or not, but she has found a new appreciation for Lingerie football.

With so many girls, the tryouts ran quite expeditiously. The girls ran offensive plays, than defensive plays. It worked out the Tanner and all-star Carrie Walters were on hand, because a few times they had to physically show the girls how to run certain drills.

Heading to my car I was left wondering how many of these girls will even be available to play for the Sin when they get back to playing some 15 months from now. I understand that the LFL wants to expand to Canada, but my question remains, “Why not hold tryouts closer to the US LFL season.?

Just my opinion.

The girls that came out today should be proud of the effort they put out. It was a blistering day, and not once did they quit, cry or make a fuss. Whoever makes the team should know how much fun they will have in 2013.

Las Vegas Sin tryouts–a sin-tilating experience for every wannabe Lingerie Football player

One of the first stories I did after starting Vegassportsgab was the Lingerie Football tryouts. It is still one of my favorites.

So I take pride in telling you that the Las Vegas Sin is having tryouts on Sunday April 22nd at 3:30pm at theLas Vegas Sports Park.

I will tell you what I know about this year’s version of the LFL-US.

First: There is no LFL-US until 2013 at the earliest. There will be a Canadian LFL league, but none in the US. Yes, it’s weird. I am surprised that they wouldn’t want to capitalize on the popularity of the league, especially here in Vegas, where the Sin went a gleaming 4-1.

Second: There will also be a new coach of the Sin. Dion Lee, who led his girls to that nearly perfect record has been replaced. Once again, weird, and bad, decision.

Hey don’t yell at the messenger, I just say what I’ve learned over the past few weeks.

Third: If you play with the Sin, which from what I saw, and heard, is an amazing experience, you cannot play any organized football, other than, I think, flag.

Well, I guess you could go play beach football in LA, but since they now ticket people for throwing a football on the beach, that may not work either.

Am I saying not to try out? Not a chance! This is a great experience, one that doesn’t come around all that often. I just wanted to pass on a few things to you.

I remember talking to Yvette Tanner back on that 1st tryout in June of 2011. She was an aspiring Sin girl. She made the team, and played toward the end of the season.

She is now a vital cog in the Las Vegas Showgirlz women’s football team.

You could be next, so give it your best shot this Sunday, April 22nd at the Las Vegas Sports Park.

I have also written this on my calendar, so if you need directions to LVSP, you can get them there.

Wranglers beat the refs and the Steelheads in game 1

The Las Vegas Wranglers are in the Western Conference Semi-finals. This is a real good team, and the nearly 3000 rabid fans yelled until they couldn’t yell anymore Monday night.

The game was everything you’d expect from playoff hockey. Few scoring chances, tight checking, bad referees.

Wait a minute, that’s not fair. The refs were only bad on one play. How did they miss an obvious goal scored by the Wranglers in the 2nd period? not knowing the rules on the ECHL, I didn’t know they didn’t have replay. Maybe they should get it. That was as obvious of goal as they ever has been.

Wranglers won 3-1, but things like that shouldn’t happen in any league, on any level.

After the first period, Las Vegas dominated the action. Idaho had 6 shots in the 1st period, but finished with just 18. On the other hand, the Wranglers had 9 shots in the 1st period, finishing with 46.

I loved the goalie of the Steelheads though. Jerry Kuhn had a night to forget.

2nd period, in a play I have never seen, Kuhn’s stick just broke. Well, it appeared to disintegrate. He held the stick up as if to say, “What the Frick.” The Steelheads defense tightened up, so I don’t think the Wranglers got many chances, but it was fun to watch Kuhn try and play with a regular stick.

Later in the period, one of the Wranglers just bulldozed over Kuhn, laying his flat out on the ice. No one knew if he’d be able to continue. He did, but not after the referee checked him out, twice.

Finally, after a Las Vegas rush, Kuhn was left with 2 sticks. So at one point he had no stick, now he had 2. He didn’t like that, so he tossed the 2nd stick to nearly center ice.

Funny stuff.

The Wranglers are exciting to watch. They played most of the night in the Steelheads end of the ice. Every time the Steelheads tried to make a play, the Wranglers had an answer.

I really wish there were more people in the crowd though. This is cheap, but exciting family entertainment. The concessions are reasonably priced and the team is great. Was it half empty just because it was Monday?

The crowd that did show, loves their boys, especially after they score goals.

Sorry about my video quality

Wranglers lead the best of 7 series 1 game to none. So far, they are undefeated in the playoffs.

Mike Tyson’s one man show isn’t a KO, it’s more like a TKO

When you get a couple tickets to Mike Tyson’s “One Man Show”, you take them.

I really didn’t know what to expect. As far as I know, Tyson only experience in front of a camera is either in the ring, or in the “Hangover” movies. On stage, technically alone, who knows what he’ll do, and how he’ll react.

Helped out by a band, and a fine singer in Sabrina, Tyson didn’t embarrass himself. He spent a lot of time talking about his broken childhood, and his relationship with mentor and first trainer Cus D’Amato. In my opinion, a little too long.

I love boxing, and have followed it for as long as I can remember, so I knew everything he was saying. I wonder what the crowd, filled with different types of people, thought.

The longer the show went, the more relaxed Iron Mike became. He really lit up when discussing his life with actress Robin Givens. He does not like, respect, or want to have anything to do with her. He made that apparent in a 15 minutes hilarious rant.

He was at his comedic best when he was discussing his past problems with fighter/crazy man Mitch “Blood” Green. The gist of the Green story is this: Green was calling him homophobic names in the media. One night in Harlem, Tyson and Green met up, and fisticuffs ensued. Tyson said he flattened Green about 5 times, but Green kept jumping up seconds later, still calling Tyson the same names. According to the former champ, Green was on angel dust, so nothing was going to keep that man down.

Tyson’s retelling of the story, plus actually acting out his and Green’s part in the battle, was the funniest part of the show.

Tyson glossed over his problems with Don King and Desiree Washington, but you could tell he wants nothing to do with them either.

If you haven’t heard Tyson talk, you have to understand he cusses about every 6 words. Midway through the show he apologized for cussing, and promised to stop. He started out by tossing out a few F’bombs, so it was funny that he would apologize half-way through. Tyson’s cussing is part of his act. If he didn’t, you would know that he is being contained, and that’s not what’ll sell his show.

What sells his show is his honesty. Tyson is not afraid to poke fun at his past transgressions like the Buster Douglas fight, or the infamous Holyfield ear biting incident.

He knows that most of the problems could have been avoided with a little self control. It has to be tough to stand on front of a full room, and call yourself a jackass. He looks like a guy that doesn’t recognize the guy that is on the video screens that are playing above him the entire evening.

I wish he would have talked about some of his fights, give us in in ring perspective of his brawl against Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, etal.

That is the best thing about his show. Every night could be different. You may go one night and hear one story, go the next night, and hear another.

That’s what you can do if you have lived life of Mike Tyson.

The show is only going on ’till the 18th, so I would say 100% go check it out.

Walters, Tanner and Cowan are ready (and willing) to lay down the law to all Showgirlz opponents

With their season opener just 2 days away, I made my way out to the Las Vegas Showgirlz practice.

Just like the Legacy, these ladies are rarin’ to put the preseason behind them, and get on with the real deal. However, it’s hard to look past the Showgirlz, because they are a talented group.

First let me tell you that most of the LFL girls will not be playing on the Showgirls, or the Legacy for that matter. Oh, they want to play, but LFL rules prohibits them from playing any sort of organized football. If they do, they will lose the opportunity to play in the LFL.

Mind you, the next Lingerie Football Season season won’t start until 2013 at the earliest, so that may be the stupidest rule I have ever heard. Now, if these ladies were paid the going rate, than I would understand. However, to the best of my knowledge, the going rate is zero, in they are paid no money to get the snot beat out of them on a weekly basis.

I digress. There are a three former Sin players that are playing with the Showgirlz and coach Dion Lee. Jennifer Cowan, Yvette Tanner and Carrie Walters. Each one of these lovely ladies will play an integral part in the success of the Showgirlz.

Coach Lee raved about Tanner’s play from her defensive end position. Well, so did Walters. In the 3 preseason games, Tanner picked up 2 safties, and 3 sacks. You’re talking Demarcus Ware territory there. Coach Lee said that Tanner, by getting so many repetitions, is getting better on a weekly basis.

Walters went one step farther, saying that Tanner is a beast on the field. She says the improvement in Tanner’s game is off the charts. She now understands how to use her quickness to get past bigger offensive linemen.

Coach Lee also expressed his pleasure with Cowan, the team’s starting running back. Cowan is one of those gals that you might underestimate at first glance, but on the field the only glance you will have of her is when she is running past you.

And that brings me to Walters. If the Showgirlz ever elect to retire a jersey, I can guarantee you that it’ll be hers. In preseason alone, Walters had 11 catches for 163 yards, and 4 touchdowns. On the defensive side, she made 44 tackles and scored and 2 TD’s–one on an interception.

Walters also plays every position, so she know how they are are played. Check that, she hasn’t played center…..yet, but she might try to work that in this year. She recently added kicker to her duties, and, I think, punter too.

But it’s not just her on field play that makes her so unique, it’s her overall love of the game. Walters loves to play, every week, every down. She loves women’s football to the umpteenth degree. Not only did she talk up the Showgirlz, but she complimented the Legacy, as well.

She has a passion for the game, and for making the players better around her, that includes 19 year old Quarterback Brittany Chase.

Chase is a former softball player, who came to tryouts not knowing what to expect. She said she was scared, not of playing football, but in fitting in with a group of girls she had never met. You can tell now that she is not only accepted, but universally liked by her teammates. It doesn’t hurt to be skilled.

Walters described Chase as being a quick learner, one who will get better each and every game. She is still learning the nuances of the position, but once the game starts to slow down, the skies the limit for the young QB.

I asked Carrie about the the other running backs, besides Cowan. Her face lit up as she told me that the team has girls that can run past you, or over you. I think she likes the over you part more though.

Anyhow, the Showgirlz, like the Legacy, are putting a great product on the field. Now, it’s up to you to get to the game.

Saturday’s action takes place at 6pm over at Cheyenne High School.

One final note. DJ Baby Chino will be out at the Showgirlz game. Here’s a clip of the world’s youngest DJ.

Check out both of Las Vegas’ women’s football teams. They both play different styles, but each are very entertaining.

Regular season starts on Saturday.

Oh yeah, how did practice end tonight? The lights just went off. Running a play one minute, standing in the dark, the next. It wouldn’t be so funny, if it wasn’t true.