What’s more Fabulous than the Sin City Roller Girls

Before I found my love of all sports, there was Roller Derby. As a kid, it was the greatest spectacle on earth. Men and women skating around while hitting one another. I couldn’t skate, and hitting got me in trouble, so Roller Derby was heaven. I can still remember when one of the Derby ladies snacked the railing right in front of me, and then smiled in my direction. From there on out, I was in love with Roller Derby.

Now imagine my surprise, and delight, when I was informed of the Fabulous Sin City Roller Girls. Back to where it all started for me, watching some great skating women do what they do best. And to think it was so close, right down at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. I am now a fan, not just of the girls on the track, but for every thing else they do as well.

I arrived at the Riviera not sure what to expect. To be honest with you, I was overwhelmed with the long lines of fans waiting to get in to the arena.

Even better was so many of the Roller Girls were interacting with the fans. This girl here is “Cherry Potter”, from the team “Hoover Damned”. She was signing autographs and having fun with everyone she saw.

Once inside I picked up a program. I was expecting it to be just pictures of the girls, or the sponsors of the event. I was dead wrong. This is one of the best programs I have ever seen, anywhere. I have seen professional and collegiate programs that don’t hold a candle to this one. This program not only tells you about the girls , but it also goes over the rules, in detail. Furthermore, it has pictures of the hand signals you will see the refs using. It also contains an autograph page, and a history of the Roller Girls. Kudos to whoever put the program together..

I made my over to where I saw a bunch of girls getting ready for the first game. It was great to see both teams, “The Notorious VIP”, and the “Tommy Gun Terrors” warming up together. The camaraderie between these teams was a nice surprise.

Once I took my eyes off the dancing roller girls, I whipped around to find one of the “Damned” girls signing an autograph, and giving away necklaces to a couple kids.

These kids, who I later found out were 7-year old Nathan, and his 9-year old sister Alyssa, were in awe of these ladies.

Alyssa says she can’t wait to become a Roller Girl, a sentiment echoed by her mother Christa. Christa says these girls give kids something to shoot for, plus it’s a way to keep them off the streets and get them in to something that benefits, not only them, but the people they perform for too.

Nathan was a little less open with his answer. He’s like me though, in that he doesn’t need to skate with, or against the girls, but being a referee would be nice.

That’s what I noticed throughout the night. The happy faces of the kids reminded me of…well…me, years ago. And getting pictures with the players is an added bonus I didn’t have as a kid. Another nice touch by the league.

Minutes later I ran in to one of the girls that had a walking boot on her foot. Since Saturday was the first game, I had to find out her story. First, her name is “Shockira” and her story is she broke her ankle in 2 places a week ago. She’ll get to play again in 8 weeks, but that still doesn’t take the sting out of missing opening night.

Since she couldn’t skate away, I figured I’d talk to her a little more.

I asked her about the league. She explained that everyone is good friends, and pull for each other. Yes, they all want to win the title, but they still want to see their friends on other teams do well.

That’s what Bone Eata, of the “Hoover Damned” said as well. She said that the friendships she has made playing this sport will last a lifetime. I talked to her about “Shockira”, and her injury, and asked if she is nervous about getting injured? She said that it’s not a matter of IF you’ll get injured, it’s a matter of WHEN you’ll get injured. Another thing I can say about “Bone Eata” is that she is very composed, with a great speaking voice. I think I caught her off guard by telling her that. Before we parted ways, she made sure to say how happy she is that the crowd loves what they do, and loves to interact with all the fans.

For those of you wondering, I asked her to scowl. As part of the “Hoover Damned” I wanted her to be in character—haha

I thought I was done with my interview part when I ran in to “Seemore Butts”. Ms. Butts is a young 53. I tell you her age because she looks much younger than that. And she is as spry as any of the younger girls on the team. Another thing, she knows everything about the league. She explained me the rules, the teams, and the league. She is like a walking program. She even showed me what a block in the back feels like. It hurts, thank you very much. If for no other reason, you should go out and watch “Seemore Butts”. She’ll prove to you what she already knows, and that is: Age is a just a number, and you are only as old as you think you are.

After gabbing with everyone in sight, I was relieved they finally started the game. It was a nice touch when they introduced every girl as they took a practice skate around the track.

The games consist of two, thirty minute halves, and they are very exciting, although so many penalties were called in the first half that the action did slow down quite a bit. The second 30 minutes was much quicker. The one girl who stood out was “Pretty Penny” who as a Jammer (Girl who collects points), she kept lapping the field. She sure knows her way around on skates.

Another great thing about the Sin City Roller Girls is you can almost sit on the track. Yes, you may get whacked once or twice, but it’s a great vantage point to watch a game.

I almost forgot to mention that these girls play for FREE! They actually pitch in their own money to make things happen. They do put on events to help them out, but they give a good portion of those earnings to charity.

The Sin City Roller Girls also offer something I have never seen. and that’s the opportunity to make you own sign. They supply the paper, and color pens, while you supply the imagination.

All in all, I had a great time, and I think you would too. If you want to get in on the non-stop action get on the Sin City Roller Girls website @ http://www.sincityrollergirls.com. Not only can you get more information about the league, but you can also find out about the junior league that will be starting soon. Girls between the ages of 10-17 can take part in fun, just by signing up.

The Sin City Roller Girls next game comes up on February 11th. Make sure you check out this family friendly event.

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6 Responses to “What’s more Fabulous than the Sin City Roller Girls”

  1. Patrick Power says:

    Nice post. I am a new fan to the sport, with this just being my second time going, the first being the holiday event in December. I will definitely there this weekend for the first All-Star bout of the season. And I was sitting right near you when you were interviewing the kids. You can see my shirt and hat in the pic with the mom with the kids. LOL Next time you come to a bout, say hi!

  2. 21 Guns (TGT) says:

    This is such a great article!! Thank you for coming out..

  3. Jason says:

    Sin City Roller Girls are really rocking !! I am also fan now. I also run a small
    sports blog and would like to write for them or their website or next event.

    I am following all their upcoming events 🙂

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